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Hi, I’m Adele.

You might know me better as The Girl in Glasses, I’ve been writing a Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog for the last 6 months but I’m expanding into Screen through Specs to write about one my biggest passions… movies! Before jumping right in with it, I thought that I would share a small introduction, so that you can get to know the girl behind the glasses a little better.

I have always loved movies, if I try to trace back to where it all began, I think that my brother was a big influence. Since he is 5 years older than me, he would introduce me to films that were, perhaps definitely, more mature than my age. One of my earliest memories being the time that he tried to convince me to watch Psycho (1960). I was much too young and my only knowledge of the movie was the famous shower scene, which had appeared in numerous movie countdown shows…


I wasn’t feeling it.

Nevertheless, he came up with a reasonable compromise, if I watched the first 20 minutes, then he would pause it and if I genuinely didn’t want to continue, he would turn it off. I trusted him and decided to accept this deal, knowing that after 20 minutes I would confirm my previous doubts. However, as you will know, Psycho is almost like 2 different films in 1, so I was hooked in the opening chapters. When he paused the movie, I turned to him in shock and exclaimed, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?”… I had completely forgotten about our arrangement and, of course, wanted to watch the remaining 89 minutes. I did, and that was my early introduction to one of my favourite directors of all time.

The first opportunity that I had to study film was at aged 14, when I chose Film Studies as one of my GCSE options, I thoroughly enjoying expanding my knowledge in a formal setting, so I continued to study the subject as part of my A-Levels. At this point, most people that wish to progress in higher education make the transition into University and I, too, was advised to do that. However, I felt that since I hadn’t studied Film Production that I was missing a gap in my knowledge and I wanted to know EVERYTHING (within reason)! This meant that I chose to undertake a National Diploma in Film, Television and Soundtrack Production at college. Those were my favourite two years of studying, I learnt a lot more about the technical aspects of film-making and it was so much fun, plus it means that I have a few short films under my name!

I concluded my education in University and graduated with a Film and Media degree in 2013! Cut to now, 2 years on, and I’m desperately missing that forum for discussing everything movie related. So here I am! I’m looking forward to connecting with fellow movie enthusiasts, writing reviews for so many movies, including cinema releases, new DVD/BD releases and back catalogue titles, sharing my thoughts on the latest news and trailers, getting involved in movie-related games and challenges, and putting certain movies under the microscope for a deeper analysis.

21st Birthday


Please share a little bit about yourself and your blog below, I’d love to get to know you!

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7 thoughts on “Introduction | Lights, Camera, ACTION!

  1. Adele, congrats on your new blog. I always watched movies I was too young for and I loved the horror/suspense films when I was a kid. The movies we watched then I think put an indelible mark on our brains and influence what films we will enjoy later in life. I am impressed with your film studies. I took a film elective my senior year in high school and my teacher introduced us to amazing films but also the technicalities of film production. I am also obsessed with movies! In college I worked at a video rental store and loved talking about movies all day to the customers and got to watch hundreds of films. I look forward to reading this blog!

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  2. North by Northwest was my introduction to Hitchcock when I was 15. I was hooked way before the famous cropduster scene.
    I’m visiting from, three grumps who love movies and love arguing about them. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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  3. Love your blog, Adele. I love Hitchcock, and thought Psycho was brilliant, even without the famous shower scene. I think that it may have been in “The dark side of genius” that I had read about the film, and all the clues that he left in the film to tip off who the murderer was. So many avian relationships. Marion Crane, from Phoenix, runs into a hotel owner, a taxidermist who stuffs birds, which was/is also a pejorative for women in England at the time. Anyway, I look forward to reading your reviews and the rest of your blog, too!


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    • Hi Rob! Thanks so much for stopping by. I started this blog as a secondary space but it had fallen a bit by the wayside whilst trying to maintain my other blog (and work) but your comment has inspired me to kickstart this blog again in 2016, so I thank you for that! I really do love discussing film, so to know that I have at least one reader that is a Hitchcock fan makes me look forward to posting again. 🙂


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